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Dawn Erving, 14

Dawn is an up and coming competitive figure skater. At her young age she is already well on her way to greatness. Dawn placed 6th overall in competition last year. She began training at The Health Factor in the Fall of 2007 and has since noticed improvements in her strength, endurance, and ability. She hopes to place first in her division this coming year.

Lisa Meza, 22

There are those lucky few people who, with little or no effort, are able to maintain a slim figure and not worry about what they eat. But are they really healthy or do they just appear that way? Elizabeth (Lisa) Meza, 22, one of those lucky few, had that slim shape and appearance but it wasn’t until she came to THF that she found her body in bad shape. She had a gym membership for one of the larger chains but found it too crowded and distracting so she rarely went. Lisa was looking for something more personal and something she could actually stick to. She found that at THF. After a first day evaluation she found she was not at all in the good condition she thought. Her body was weak and unconditioned due to a lack of proper nutrition and exercise. When Lisa initially came to THF she struggled with strength exercises such as push ups or sit ups. Now, since first coming 10 months ago, Lisa is one of the most fit people at THF. She has noticed a significant increase in the tone of her overall body composition. Though she only lost 5lbs, her clothes appear better fitting and any flab that was there is almost completely gone. Lisa didn’t completely deprive herself of the “pleasure” foods she loved so much but rather practiced portion control and added more lean proteins and fresh vegetables. Lisa finds herself more confident and eager when she exercises. Her changes have also had a very positive impact on those closest to her. “Now I‘ve gotten my family and boyfriend to eat healthier and exercise more,” says Lisa.

Evelyn Allen  48

We recently sat down with Evelyn Allen, 48, and asked her about her time spent at THF. Evelyn has been on the program for approximately 14 weeks and in that time she was able to lose over 20lbs and drop 5 dress sizes. Her motivation was wanting to get back into shape so she would look better than ever for her 50th birthday.

She had heard about THF through friends. She described THF as the catalyst to a positive change in her life. She loved the atmosphere and the people. She enjoyed her workouts and was always laughing. She has an excellent trainer in Jeffrey Samilton. His electric personality is part of the reason she keeps coming back.

As a part of her diet she has cut out red meats and eats more fish and chicken. Her success was due in part to the fact that she followed the given regiment closely and was able to stick to her plan. The change in her diet had a greatly positive impact on her life. Her friends and family were excited for her and it even motivated some of them to want to come to THF and get into shape themselves. Her positive experience and reaction was an inspiration to others around her. She has since recommended THF to numerous friends and family.


Name: Evelyn Allen

Age: 48

Height: 5’7’’

Weight lost: 20 lbs, 5 dress sizes

Service Area:
Chino, Diamond Bar, West Covina, Covina, San Dimas, Laverne, Upland, Rancho Cucamonga, Corona, Chino Hills, Loma Linda, El Monte, Azusa, Glendora, Fontana












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